Contact DM

There are a number of ways to get the Digital Mappa info you need:

• First of all, if you have a basic question about functions, features, or setting up projects, please look through the help guides on this website first.

• If you want to access the actual open-source software for modification, or more technical guides for hosting, backups and restoration, go to our GitHub page.

• If you cannot find what you need here or at GitHub, the DM User Forum is the next place to check. There’s a FAQ, as well as dedicated categories for various aspects of Digital Mappa. Search through the topics there, or post your own question.

• If you are working on a project using DM, then you should create an account on the forum, so we can reach you about important DM news and updates.

• Finally, you can also find Digital Mappa on Facebook and Twitter, or email project staff.

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