Get in Touch

We at DM would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook, or by email! And if you are a member of the UW community, then be sure to check out our DM@UW page on the CHPDC website for more information about DM on campus and starting a project!

There are also a number of other quick and easy ways to get the Digital Mappa info you may need:

• First of all, if you have a basic question about functions, features, or setting up projects, then take a look through the help guides on this website.

• If you want to access the actual open-source software for modification, or more technical guides for hosting, backups and restoration, the go to our GitHub page.

• If you cannot find what you need here or on GitHub, then the DM User Forum is the next place to check out. There are FAQ’s, as well as dedicated categories for various aspects of Digital Mappa. You can search through the topics there, or post your own question!

• If you are working on a project using DM, then you should definitely create an account on the forum, so we can reach you about important DM news and updates.

• Finally, you can always find Digital Mappa on Facebook and Twitter, or by email!

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