Digital Mappa 2.0

DM 2.0 is currently in development, with generous funding from a multiyear UW2020 grant, with a planned release of late 2018.

DM 2.0-ProtoComp.jpg
Early DM 2.0 prototype design for sidebar collection management

Among many features under development, DM 2.0 plans to include:

  • enhanced textual and visual editing, marking and formatting tools for images and texts (e.g. color coding for image and text highlights)
  • management and display of large numbers of images and texts in collections and nested sub-collections
  • the ability to consume some online images into projects, including those freely available on line, and from manifests for digital repositories – we are also working on adding ingestion compatibility for IIIF images
  • more sophisticated search features
  • improved multi-user functionality
  • full browser and touch screen compatibility
  • enhanced backup and restore features
  • compatibility with DM 1.0 projects – with the DM 2.0 release, scripts will be provided which can be run by network admins to open and port DM 1.0 servers and their projects to a new DM 2.0 server.

This page, as well as the DM forum, will be updated periodically with DM 2.0 developments

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