Using the Table of Contents

  1. When you link to a DM project from somewhere else, or select it from the DM dropdown menu, the project will first open by displaying its Table of Contents, which contains a linked list of all the primary documents in the project.
  2. Scroll the table of contents by using the bar on the right side of the frame.
  3. You can also scroll using a track pad.

To open the Table of Contents again from within a DM Project, click on the title of the project displaying in the top right of the menu bar:


Opening Items:

  1. Click on items in the table of contents (you can open multiple items at once). They will display on the screen behind the Table of Contents. Note: clicking on the same item multiple times will open multiple instances of that item.
  2. When you’ve opened all the items you need, click the “Done” button to close the table of contents and access the documents.
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