Show and Tell

Around the digital halls of DM, we believe the best way to begin to imagine what DM can do for you and your work is to start exploring what others have already done with DM. What do you like about their projects? What don’t you like so much? What would you like to do differently? What kind of project are you imagining? Will it take advantage of strategies and designs you find in previous projects? How can you use some of the same strategies they used on your own digital images and text documents? How might your images and texts ask for different kinds of approach? Take a look at our showcase projects page to get started exploring and imagining!

DM represents a foundation of powerful tools for annotating and linking a collection of digital images and texts, so its possibilities are as numerous as you can imagine them. And we are working hard on further developing and expanding these tools for DM 2.0. To help you get a better sense of some of those tools, take a look at our feature gallery page for some of the features and tools we have been tweeting about on our Twitter page.

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