To begin making your own permanent projects in DM, you’ll need to be affiliated with a local DM server, or have a network administrator set you up your own instance of DM using Digital Ocean.

If you are not already affiliated with a local DM server, then take a look at our guide for setting up your own DM server, whether a local server or using Digital Ocean.

In general, DM requires:

  • an internet connection – you cannot view or work offline
  • a desktop/laptop browser – you can view projects in Chrome or Firefox, but you will need to edit in Chrome
  • you will also need to disable any touchscreen functionality on your desktop/laptop computer screen – but DM 2.0 will feature touchscreen compatibility!

Please Note: DM 1.0 is very much a beta version – it’s a working draft of basic features and functionality of the resource, and so it’s limited in some ways and a stepping stone to the full version of DM that will be released next year, as DM 2.0.

As a beta version, DM 1.0 is also really designed only for smaller scale projects of less than a dozen objects or primary texts – but you’ll be able to scale up your projects in DM 2.0, which will provide ways to manage and organize larger collections and sub-collections.

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