Make Your Own Test Project

If you want to play around with DM 1.0 to see how it works, you can go to our test server sandbox and start a test project of your own.

Just go here:, then set up a temporary account, and take it for a spin.

Things to know before you do:

• Consult the Creating and Editing Projects Help Guide for complete instructions for how to use DM.

The DM Quick Guide has the basics for first time users to get started.

• This beta version of DM is designed for desktop and laptop platforms. For creating/editing DM 1.0 projects,  Chrome browser is recommended. Laptops with touchscreens may have issues displaying DM – it’s recommended that you disable touchscreen features when using DM. As a beta version, DM 1.0 is also really designed for smaller scale projects of less than a dozen or so objects and primary texts, though there’s no practical limit to the number of annotations and links you can create.

• This is a sandbox, not a place to start real projects. Anything started here is only temporary, and every couple of weeks the sandbox will be cleaned out and older projects deleted. So just use it to get a sense of what is possible.

• You can add as much material as you’d like to your test project (within reason, of course – there’s no point to uploading hundreds of MBs of image data to a temporary project).

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